About Us

Grayleen Mandile

Creative Director/ Owner

I was raised by a single mother who immigrated to the US from Honduras. She did her best raising me, all while balancing the hardships of immigration and finances.

I know that my strength, drive, and independence definitely comes from seeing her handle adversity with style and grace. My love for fashion also comes from seeing how fashion always put a smile on her face. No matter her circumstances, when she put on a fantastic outfit and had her makeup done she lit up the room! It made her happy! Fashion is not just about clothes, it’s about how it makes you feel, self expression, it is Art! I still remember my favorite outfit my mother wore - It was a tailored navy suit with red pumps and red lipstick, she looked FIERCE!

I started this brand because I want to make clothing that makes women feel confident and strong.  I also hope to build relationships with this brand that will allow me the opportunity to help women everywhere!  Anyone that knows me knows I’ve been obsessed with fashion my entire life. This brand was a long time coming!

Today, I’m married to a high school English teacher who thankfully has always been supportive of my dreams to start my own brand! We have two sons: One is 14 and the baby is 3! My boys are my life and I want to show them that you can be successful doing what you love most! Feel free to ask questions about me or DominAnt Vibes! We'd love to hear from you!

Kelly Falcon 

Social Media Manager

I am the voice of DominAnt Vibes Instagram! I grew up and went to school in an incredibly diverse town close to NYC and later received my English degree from Montclair State University. With my knowledge and experiences I always do my best to create inclusive captions for all of you! My life has led me towards a progressive mentality which constantly keeps my mind open to new learning opportunities, growth, and an ability to adapt to change.

Working with Dominant vibes hits close to home in a lot of areas, and it’s a company I truly believe in because they share the same values that I do. What first drew me here was the strong message of women empowerment! I am a feminist and there is nothing I notice more everyday than the fact that society has built this world with only men in mind. My goal is to always encourage enlightenment and growth in areas like this, along with many others. I am always open to critique, criticism, fact-checking - you name it and I want to improve on it!

My hope is that when you read our captions, follow our page, and interact with us, that this becomes a place where people can come for trusted and insightful information - and they know that decisions were made and things were written with each and every one of you in mind.

Jennifer Aguirre 

Graphic Design Intern

I am a current resident in New Jersey and a recent graduate from Rutgers University. I enjoy listening to hip-hop, hiking and creating art on my down time. As a 22 year old hispanic woman/artist, I’m here to emphasize women empowerment by collaborating with other strong women through this brand.